Jean Fergusson 1944-2019.

…I first met Jean in around 1997, when she was touring in her play “She Knows You Know” the life story of Hylda Baker, I also met my long term friend Tom Bunn, he has wriiten a book “Sorry It’s way Past Time” A great read it is too.jean

We talked about her Crossroads appearance, and laughed it said 1964 on IMDb but it was 10 years later, Jean Said:”I am not that Bloody old” we sipped wine in her dressing room at The Wolverhampton Grand, the play opened with Hylda Baker in bed, near the end of her life, quite a shock.

There was talk one of the channel 4 or 5 were going to pick it up as a drama, “She Knows You Know” Jean could have been Hylda they were similar characters in comedy and the make up was spot on” so very different in real life of course. Jean was friendly With Mo from Les dawson’s dancing girls the large one bless her, She later went on to get dementia.

Jean recalled working with Jean Alexander, Hylda from Corrie, Jean was a fan they both smoked and enjoyed no doubt a cuppa a ciggy and a chat while on set?

I will always be grateful to Jean she took some of my early work ceramic designs and put them  on display at her book signings in Wolverhampton, I helped Jean with a small part of the book. I was in touch with Dorothy squires, and Jean ask me to contact her as she knew Hylda, and had her stay for a while with her dementia, Dot could be kind, but we only hear the bad things right?

Jean was  a showbiz tough cookie with a heart of gold! we shall never forget her as Marina in Last Of The Summer Wine. It was lovely to meet you and you will be missed, by many you were loved.


Chris Rogers 2019.










Clarice Cliff Lives!!!!

Indeed she does through Designer Chris Rogers who for the last 25years has been inspired by her work!

He continues to be influenced by Disney too. Original designs not copies or a jumble of bits of Clarice Cliffs work!

I believe he is out there living the dream of a original designer. The purists can go do one! because he is pure Clarice inspired.

Below is Bridgenorth and below that is Lakeside.


Disney Cliff it’s a dream, a nice one too full of imagination, a nice guy full to the brim of enthusasium………


Tina James  Designer2019.

A tribute to Susie Cooper By Chris Rogers

coffee potI always admired the style and class of Miss Cooper. So I thought why not try to design in her style so I did. I notice the monochrome colours are all back in this year?

My friends have used black/gray for sometime. and I like the modern look of the noir style colours. I also have a passion for old Radio’s and have designed a logo to go on china pieces, The vintage style radio is below. I missed meeting Susie Cooper at Moorland Pottery back in the 90’s by a 5 minutes, what a shame?Jug


Susie was a great back stamp designer/ or should I say gray’s was with this in mind I designed the new retro back stamp below.



I have quite a few more designs in the making and these all have various back stamps.

Chris Rogers designer 2019.

Clarice Cliff and Gracie Fields two 1930’s icons.

57198710_10156888176836487_5911074901489352704_oBoth bright cheerful and full of the spirit of the age, the connection being both lite up the dark days of the depression.

Gracie born January 9th 1898, and Clarice January 20th 1899 376 between them, both considered plain jane’s both became regal in the their 50’s.

Sharing a few unique images today of both famous ladies. One has been played on Tv By Jane Horrocks Gracie a few years back, now Clarice In The Colour Room a short film and 2 stage plays one I helped with from research done years ago. Below Gracie and a friend 1954 wolverhampton Civic Centre.

Chris Rogers 2019.

57267631_10156888177646487_3848964989901602816_o (1)

Jason Dors Lake 1969-2019.

Jason Dors Lake has passed on at only aged 50, by all accounts a sensitive soul, who never came to terms of loosing his parents. He had a battle with drink and drugs, living in the shadows of his famous parents. He was a kind sensitive soul and well liked.

Diana who died from cancer, and her husbjasonand Alan who shot himself as he could not cope alone without Diana.

I seem to remember Dorothy Squires wanting to adopt Jason, who had bit parts in movies and  on telly. He starting making memorabilia to his film star mother. He lived in a million pound pad in Notting Hill.

Pj Proby and Jess Conrad were friends Of Diana and so was Leapy Lee Little Arrows, a whole page in showbiz is fast closing. He wrote a great biography of his mother with Niema Ash208656b6ca774faebb5f06ffd7f0d40e

It’s hard loosing your parents at any age? but Jason was only 15, with a step Brother Gary in the US. RIP Jason your life might have been short but fruitful.

Chris Rogers 2019.

Chris Rogers digital Art work “Di” copyright Chris Rogers 2019.

The Gracie Fields tee shirt By Chris Rogers.

56706198_10156884535006487_6891099783176388608_oI always liked pop art and thought why not cross an old star, with a new form of art fashion?


I think the colours are more Marc Bolan, but hey why not?Pop Art Gracie I design mugs and other ceramics too.


The tee shirts are available in white or gray S M L Xl XXl £20 each look on ebay you will see them.



Chris Rogers 2019.




Clarice Cliff And Gracie Fields two Thirties Icons.

lakesideBoth people were working class, and Victorian’s both lite up the dark days of the 1930’s, with pottery and song, one Aquarius Clarice, and one Capricorn Gracie, born 376 days apart.

The connection is Gracie Brought the Circus pattern dinner service, on Bigarre ware, the design Was Dame Laura Knight, all part of the Art In Industry project 1934.

Both Died in the 1970’s Clarice 1972, at Chetwynd house Clarice loved “The Archers” and was an avid listener Gracie 1979, at her white apartment in Capri. Both people were popular in the USA a rare thing in the early 20th Century.  Above Lakeside By Chris Rogers 2019.

The picture below is slightly coloured, it shows Gracie Fields at The Wolverhampton Civic Hall 1954, with a friend. It is an old newspaper picture so the quality is a little poor.57267631_10156888177646487_3848964989901602816_o (1)A renewed popularity of Clarice Cliff happened in the late 1990’s and Gracie had a new hit  Cd album in 2011. So both have never  gone away.

Right a rare coloured picture of Clarice in it’s early stages, hours of work will go into the finished picture. The young want everything in Colour to make it real, therefore why not? The left hand picture is Chris Rogers, ceramic artist reproducing the Cliff style in 2019, all original designs. I often wonder who came first Clarice or Disney?, maybe a year or less in it 1928, seems The date both took off commercially. I notice the Clarice Cliff Collectors Club, brown nosing Emma Bailey, well it is just copying too be fair, Design your own! as I am sure Emma can? Be original be you imagination is the key! Anyone can copy? or sell a dead women’s work , nowt good or original about it. Seen it before Lorna Bailey rubbish hyped to the hilt, and now no one wants it?


desert heat

Above: Desert Heat Applique style By Chris Rogers 2019.

The Clarice Cliff Collectors Club have a special place in my arse, and so do The Official Gracie Fields lot All of them to full of their selfs rather than the subject they claim to love?

it Reminds me Money is the root of all evil? Passion and love achieve so much more? unstoppable a doer leave the chit chat to the others.

Chris Rogers 2019.
Chris n Clarice