The Gracie Fields tee shirt By Chris Rogers.

56706198_10156884535006487_6891099783176388608_oI always liked pop art and thought why not cross an old star, with a new form of art fashion?


I think the colours are more Marc Bolan, but hey why not?Pop Art Gracie I design mugs and other ceramics too.


The tee shirts are available in white or gray S M L Xl XXl £20 each look on ebay you will see them.



Chris Rogers 2019.





Clarice Cliff And Gracie Fields two Thirties Icons.

Both people were working class, and Victorian’s both lite up the dark days of the 1930’s, with pottery and song, one Aquarius Clarice, and one Capricorn Gracie, born 376 days apart.

The connection is Gracie Brought the Circus pattern dinner service, on Bigarre ware, the design Was Dame Laura Knight, all part of the Art In Industry project 1934.

Both Died in the 1970’s Clarice 1972, at Chetwynd house Clarice loved “The Archers” and was an avid listener Gracie 1979, at her white apartment in Capri. Both people were popular in the USA a rare thing in the early 20th Century.

The picture below is slightly coloured, it shows Gracie Fields at The Wolverhampton Civic Hall 1954, with a friend. It is an old newspaper picture so the quality is a little poor.57267631_10156888177646487_3848964989901602816_o (1)A renewed popularity of Clarice Cliff happened in the late 1990’s and Gracie had a new hit  Cd album in 2011. So both have never  gone away.

Right a rare coloured picture of Clarice in it’s early stages, hours of work will go into the finished picture. The young want everything in Colour to make it real, therefore why not? The left hand picture is Chris Rogers, ceramic artist reproducing the Cliff style in 2019, all original designs. I often wonder who came first Clarice or Disney?, maybe a year or less in it 1928, seems The date both took off commercially. I notice the Clarice Cliff Collectors Club, brown nosing Emma Bailey, well it is just copying too be fair, Design your own! as I am sure Emma can? Be original be you imagination is the key! Anyone can copy? or sell a dead women’s work , nowt good or original about it. Seen it before Lorna Bailey rubbish hyped to the hilt, and now no one wants it? 


The Clarice Cliff Collectors Club have a special place in my arse, and so do The Official Gracie Fields lot All of them to full of their selfs rather than the subject they claim to love?

it Reminds me Money is the root of all evil? Passion and love achieve so much more? unstoppable a doer leave the chit chat to the others.

Chris Rogers 2019.
Chris n Clarice


John Inman and Larry Grayson. Did they ever meet?

Two camp icon’s of the 70’s, I asked my Friend Tom Bunn if they ever meet, yes they did in the dressing room of Singer Dorothy Squires. I understand they meet again at Hackney Empire, when John was one of the ugly sisters in panto. I have seen a picture of John in drag as an ugly sister with Dorothy must find this.(Found) Larry was also a good friend to Dorothy, she said”I cannot understand why you was not a star years ago!” Dorothy attracted a huge Gay following in those early years. The two stars did not mix in the same circles, but as always a great star draws them in.

Larry was a friend of Gracie Fields, and compared her 1978 return show in Rochdale. I note Peter Tatchill disliked both camp personas’, but they were of their time and dearly loved. They were trail blazers for the more macho straight type of gay men that followed in the late 70’s, early 80’s.gracie-fields-larry-grayson-shutterstock-editorial-1357742a

Above Larry with Gracie Fields 1978, Rochdale. Below John and Dorothy Squires in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Danny La Rue and Russ Conway knew both ladies well, I am yet to find out if Dorothy ever met Gracie or visa versa? Showbiz history is such a fascinating subject. The very good funny book by Thomas Bunn is full of life, early gay love, and Larry gets many mentions as does Terry Wogan, Norman wisdom, Thora Hird and Paul O Grady. On Youtube both Larry’s and John’s This Is Your Life are to be seen.tom bunn

Chris Rogers 2019.


Art Deco tiles by Chris Rogers

53651624_10156828010251487_1734682332452880384_n54436671_10156828014691487_5733904541296885760_n52850011_10156828010206487_2457960709204475904_n53909780_10156828010366487_8552102720465534976_nTop tile Ritzy 2018. Down one is Haden Hill 2018. Middle tile Colour Fountain 2019. Last tile Ritzy Orange 2019. all By Chris Rogers.


There is a lack of good designs original creations, therefore these will be new to the market. I make old things for the new world, all work is 100% original inspired but no copies.


Chris Rogers 2019.

Clarice Cliff originals and so near to the style.

Yes we can have it all? and why not? I became interested in Clarice while she still lived on the planet. All these recent editions are simply just that.

Below a few Sugar Shakers enough to sent you shaking no doubt ?All original and all By Chris Rogers, some painted By Tina James.



Years of studying the style the textures and paints colours and mediums. One thing I do not hold too is Turps fat! i use a more modern method of underglaze medium and much kinder to the planet. watch those old farts throw their hand up in horror! We have always done it this way! Sniffing solvents does nowt for me lol lol.

Somethings are best in the present age. Here  in this blog are a few news designs fired a few times with extra layers of ceramic paint on to get depth. Practice makes perfect at least two waiting for the kiln.

I might be Bigarre but with a touch of fantastque too Enjoy the ride I did. I treat complements and insults the same, all statements of one kind or another.


Chris Rogers 2019.

Clarice Cliff Tina James and me.



Clarice Cliff is 120 years old had she lived, she inspired me for many years since the 70’s when I used to flog Lotus Jugs for a Tenner. Above Left “Summer”plate By Tina James, and Right a Yo-Yo vase By Chris Rogers.

I met her painters The Bigarre Girls at wedgwood in 1999.C Rogers sifter

About a typical 30’s design a wall pocket, with Art Deco Flower, Chris Rogers 2019 “Flora”.C Rogers charger Above “Summer” 2019 A Chris Rogers design painted By Tina James.C Rogers sifter bands

Glorious colour “bands” By Chris Rogers 2019.

Tina James was a canvas artist, and she has been painting ceramics for several years, she is learning me canvas painting, should be interesting.

I thought I could not do A Clarice Cliff tribute shaker, so I did and a stunner it is too, Thanks Clarice, you changed my life I was 10 when you died, and never did I think I would design mugs? and paint my own ceramics?

Chris Rogers/Tina James 2019.

What did Winston Churchill and Bette Davis have in common?

You might not think anything? wrong both had a vision on how to deal with the world and its human’s.

Winston said:”If your Upsetting people your doing something right”. Bette Said:”If your not pleasing all the people in your life your doing a good job”?winston4BDavisGlamourShotPt3

Winston                                                    Bettedot_frankievaughan

Sheila Vaughan and Frankie Vaughan, Roger Moore and Dorothy Squires, late 50’s.

Both equate to being your own person, and the hardship you will find being ambitious and determined.

Both went on to be icons and remembered as one of a kind people, it’s a start for sure.

Other people of note in being individual were Dorothy squires, a tough cookie that took on those who said her career was finished after her divorce from Roger Moore.  one of her  newspaper obituaries called her The Bette Davis of song.

Winston Churchill died in 1965, Bette Davis 1989, and Dot Squires 1998. All three showed remarkable qualities that allowed them to shine, in spite of adversity.

Characters seem to be rare today as we are all different perhaps the age these people lived in? made them outstanding? conflict, illness and strength come to mind.

Chris Rogers 2019.


How to live life by your own thoughts and rules?

We live in a society that has rules and regulations, but you do not have to buy into it to be you, by passing anyone’s thoughts except your own is healthy, when doing crafts or any form of work restoring old cars, collecting coins etc etc.

It’s amazing how everyone has a degree today? nothing beats hands on experience, the real world outside University can be a whole new ball game. Do not be intimidated by a graduate, if you know your subject it’s cool.

Most of the 20th century icons had no such de29243630_1760394894023430_7012018187893997568_ngree and did ok? and some are household names, stay focused with an open mind and above all passion, if you love the subject it’s a dream that can become reality.

Look At Me sums up our world today, fine but will it last? being famous is ok ?but how long does it last 6 months? or are you another xfactor winner who has a short fame time scale? the ones that really last are the talented ones, they stay the course.

Be brave and go for it inspiration is a great thing, I have many friends who have achieved a lot most came from council houses, now that is somewhat frowned upon? it’s not from where you came it’s where your that counts.

Some are millionaires, the nicest hardworking people who know what it takes to make it not given because of a certain type of background. Eton Mess is an ice cream, but it could describe the current political climate for mess? lol lol.

Gather round people who share your passion, or even do the same be it stamp collecting, bikes, cars or Biscuit Tin Collectors learn together. The most weird collector I knew was one who collected vintage Gas Cookers, what ever floats your boat.

Some of the nicest people are you and I ordinary joe’s, never be ashamed of your background, it’s part of you and your story it makes the rewards more interesting believe me.

The trouble is when your rich you can have anything you want? does this make it boring? I would guess so because striving for things and getting them is so much more interesting you appreciate things more if they are in short supply. The Beatles said Money “can’t Buy You Love”

Take little notice of the net you will always get the followers because it’s money or their job,social connections are fine, but do not let that be an ambition to fit in your a special individual remain so.

I wanted to write things for ages, now I have written a book, and I went from one thing to another you can too. Look how many famous people have various careers, Sandie Shaw the singer became a councillor, and Mental health advocate to the showbiz world.

Kim Novak the actress became a painter and a mighty fine one, perhaps her bipolar was a help in being creative? Ginger Rogers dancer and actress another good painter, art comes in many forms on stage, in films and on canvas. Laurel And hardy were a good example of fame and fortune, I don’t think they had any degrees? but when you as funny as them you don’t need one! Stan was in the phone book in the 60’s, and often answered phone calls to his fans, what a way to go it makes life nicer for all actors and fans alike.

You can do it even when you don’t B&Q it.

Chris Rogers 2019.

Marketing online fact from reality? And how true or real is it?

The internet is a great tool in marketing products,  cultural bodies, tourism and such like.Keeping an open mind is at best sensible.

We know newspapers make most of it up? or give a false impression of real life due to? I take most of it with a large pinch of salt over my left shoulder.

People talk things up all the while! it’s a sign of the business World, tourism is obviously an important growth area for the potteries, Museums being money and local economy coffers. I think Stoke needs to upgrade it’s museums and bring in more people.

Most museums offer hands on experience which has to be a great thing, the more the better, visitor experiences are on the up. I was sorry Stoke did not get the City of culture award, but I feel it can learn from this to improve their chances next time round.

I shall keep a close eye on things, also a word in the ear of stokies, you do not have to be born in Stoke to enjoy the passion of ceramics. This is a none starter because many famous designers were born in other area’s?  We can all be tribes in one way or another we could say Melton Mowbray is the only place to get a great pork pie? Or Haggis is only made in scotland?

We are all unique and tribes are just that! open up, and encouragement is the way be open to all business, your going to need it to survive into the 21st century.

Chris Rogers 2019.